Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When Truth becomes Transparent

If you want to see a business person take on a politician, then give yourself 20 minutes to enjoy this!

Doug Ducey is the clear choice for Arizona State Treasurer and a Pro Business Approach for Arizona

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Conservative Support of Doug Ducey

"I got to know Doug Ducey on the campaign trail. We had a months-long,
hard-fought battle. And, I'll tell you one thing--he's a conservative.
We had many of the same ideas, and they were foremost about safe and
solid investments. That approach will be important as we combat the
Democrat's risky schemes for the Treasurer's office. It's time for
Republicans to come together. I fully support and endorse Doug Ducey
for State Treasurer".

--Thayer Verschoor

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ducey best pick among GOP field | Arizona Republic

The state treasurer is Arizona's chief financial officer, responsible for holding, investing and disbursing state money. The job calls for prudence, attention to detail and good management.

The treasurer needs an eye for balance sheets, not politics. Business leader Doug Ducey is the strongest Republican candidate for the job.

The former chief executive officer of Cold Stone Creamery honed his organizational skills while overseeing a huge expansion of the franchise that took it across the nation and into 10 other countries. He now is chief investor and chairman at iMemories, which digitizes home movies.

Ducey, making his first run for public office, can bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to state government.

While recognizing that it's not part of the job description, he pledges to help the next governor generate jobs in Arizona with his insight into business and entrepreneurs.

He also aims to improve the AZ Checkbook website, current Treasurer Dean Martin's effort to make state finances more transparent. So far, it's only a framework.

Ducey wants to add the clear, meaningful content that would make this a real tool for legislators and the public.

Read more: http://www.azcentral.com/arizonarepublic/opinions/articles/2010/08/03/20100803tue1-03.html#ixzz0vnhBgWP3

More Doug Ducey Endorsements

Chamber of Commerce Picks Doug Ducey:


The Best Person for the Job - Doug Ducey AZ State Treasurer

Dean Martin Pick Doug Ducey as the best:

"Arizona is still facing economic uncertainty, and we need someone who will not only continue our work, but has the experience to build on our success," Martin said in a statement Monday morning. "This person is Doug Ducey. He is the only candidate who has the business experience needed in the treasurer's office. It is Doug's business-oriented approach that Arizona needs in the treasurer's office, which is why I am proud to announce my endorsement of Doug Ducey for Arizona state treasurer."

Ducey best pick among GOP field

Ducey best pick among GOP field

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doug Builds a Culture of Performance

At Cold Stone Creamery, he built a culture of performance that was remarkable and the company's rapid and sustained growth was a result. Arizona needs people like Doug...a proven leader with high integrity. He WILL be successful in attracting new business to our State.

Jim Wichterman