Saturday, July 10, 2010

Commitment, Commitment, Commitment

I know of Doug's commitment to community service. In the early 80s when I was past president of the Tempe Jaycees (1978-79) it was tradition for all past presidents to serve on the Tempe Boys and Girls Club board of directors. Doug was president of Pi Kappa Alpha and fraternity council President at ASU. He and his committee helped me and other board members unselfishly to raise funds for the club. Doug and his friends volunteered on various Tempe Boys Club events and did a super job. Later I read about what a terrific job he did expanding a small ice cream business into a multimillion dollar enterprise. It didn't surprise me. AZ needs Doug's vision, enthusiasm, and can-do spirit as AZ State Treasurer. I believe in him and have seen him in action volunteering for youngsters who are voters today. If character still means something then I urge you to consider voting for Doug Ducey. 

Dr. Jeff Eger

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