Saturday, July 10, 2010

Doug Ducey; an Approachable & Transparent Leader

I first met Doug in 2005, when I first moved to the area, and we were both attending an ASU W.P.Carey School of Business Hall of Fame luncheon. I introduced myself to Doug, we spoke for about 10 minutes, then realized we are from the same town in Ohio. Since that day, Doug has always taken my call, and really had no business reason to do so. I mention this because in politics you obviously need to be approachable, Doug is extremely approachable. Add to it Doug's business acumen and fiscal responsibility that he maintained through the growth and development of his company, and you end up with an extremely qualified candidate for Arizona State Treasurer. Doug's business successes affords Arizona the opportunity to vote into office a candidate that can speak with the people, to the people, for the people, understand the fiscal responsibilities the State must operate under, and do so by empowering those around him to follow his lead. I believe this will get Arizona back into a positive light, which will in turn get businesses talking about staying in Arizona instead of leaving, moving to Arizona instead of neighboring states, and ultimately lead to businesses expanding in Arizona. The result will generate more tax revenues for the State of Arizona. Doug has the proper leadership skills, the practical business experience, the fiscal knowledge & responsibility, and the mind set to become our next State Treasurer. 

Tom Herman

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