Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Doug Ducey -- Service to Others Matters

I had the opportunity to work with Doug Ducey at Cold Stone Creamery for nearly three years. Before I started, I had heard good things about Cold Stone's culture and I was excited to gain a position with them, but it very soon became more than just a good job. Doug's positive energy and customer focus was immediately obvious - it permeated the organization, creating an amazing level of team cohesion and camaraderie between and within the departments. I told family and friends countless times that Doug Ducey's leadership style was a model for anyone who wanted to inspire and motivate a team. I have a great deal of respect for Doug, who built a world-class organization on solid principles, respect for the individual, and an unwavering passion for service, service, service!

Tom Streveler
Cold Stone Creamery Alumni

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